Powerful tower systems are the basis for our daily communication. A nationwide network expansion is essential for the digital transformation.

Every tower has specific tasks, every location its own special features and every customer its individual wishes.
Before a tower is erected and the antennas start transmitting, many steps have to be taken. This requires individual planning and advice. Whether access roads, groundwork, construction or commissioning - from planning to integration, we offer every customer the optimal solution.

We also take over the associated process management and offer the right solution for every service phase.

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High expectations of mobile sites also require pragmatic and flexible solutions. The
Mobile Ground Tower
- is an adaptable tower model for temporary use. The reusable system can reach a height of up to 40 meters. Compared to stationary towers, the MGT is considered a so-called "flying construction" and does not require a construction permit, only a notification obligation.

Fixed with concrete Legio blocks, the MGT stands above ground and therefore does not require a foundation.
Where in some places it takes up to two years before a tower is erected due to lengthy approval procedures, completion at the MGT only takes about 1 - 2 months. Around 40 MGTs are currently in operation across Germany.

The advantages of the MGT:

  • Flying construction
  • Above ground
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Completion in 1 - 2 months

You can rely on our experience: We offer you the optimal solution - from planning to completion.

  • Construction, dismantling, maintenance and repair
  • Construction permit, planning, static calculations, radio frequency approval
  • MGT - the tower for temporary and flexible use