We build 5G

5G connects the world and we build the infrastructure for it.

Digitization of our living and working worlds is progressing non-stop and as a result, not only is global data traffic growing, but also the networking of people, machines and intelligent devices.
The 5G technology sets new standards in terms of data speed, capacity, response time or security and is without doubt the network of the future.

We are among the first in Germany to really develop 5G.
With the leading network operators, we are laying the foundations for a new era at various locations. We are building the future now.

We build 5G

...and we integrate 5G

For example in Weissach:
At this location comcross - as the first service provider outside the usual process - implemented the integration of the first 5G station (NR 3500) en details for the network operator Vodafone. Our team of employees implemented all of the necessary process steps from connection planning and IP design to actual implementation and commissioning on site.
This job broke new ground!
Therefore, the multi-interface project management in particular proved to be an enormous challenge. Every single stage and every individual process had to be redesigned and coordinated with all project participants. Regardless of all adversities, our PM and technician team successfully completed the first 5G commissioning on time. More will follow in the coming summer months. In a second step, we will also carry out 5G retrofitting (NR700) at existing 4G locations.

5G is more than just a further development of the LTE standard: 5G enables future innovations for society, industry and economy

  • Industry 4.0
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Human-Machine-Interaction
  • Smart City and Smart Farming
  • Automating network infrastructures (traffic-machine-energy)

Our range of

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